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AppPresser: How To Convert WordPress To Mobile App In 2023

Are you trying to figure out how to make a mobile app out of your WordPress website? Apps make it easy to manage content distribution and provide a better mobile experience. Through app stores, you may expand your audience and boost engagement with an app. This article will discuss Ways to Convert WordPress To Mobile App for your WordPress websites. Let’s start.

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Why does your WordPress website need to be converted into a mobile app?

The Best Way to Convert WordPress To Mobile App is essential in addition to websites for increased traffic. However, due to apps’ vast benefits, their use and popularity are gradually rising. These benefits include:

  • Many app features and data access are available to users while offline.
  • Websites typically load slower than apps.
  • More customization options are available.
  • Able to push notifications and alerts through the app instead of sending emails.
  • Provide capabilities unique to mobile devices.
  • Better brand recognition. You are especially considering that your user’s mobile device’s home screen will always display the app’s icon.
  • Convenient since users may use the app without having to go through bookmarks or know the URL of your website.
  • These benefits result in a significantly improved user experience, fostering loyalty.
  • From a WordPress website, creating a mobile app is surprisingly easy. And we’ll show the best plugin currently on the market for doing just that.
  • Also, we verified that they are all fits updated and compatible with WordPress 5.7.2.

What is the Best Way Convert WordPress To Mobile App for WordPress Website?

AppPresser is the best Way Convert WordPress To Mobile App nowadays.

With the user-friendly AppPresser, you can turn any WordPress website into a mobile application.

They offer a specific WordPress mobile theme that you can use to build an app for your BuddyPress, WooCommerce, or blog.

Similar to how you would pay for a WordPress theme, it offers a visual app customizer that allows you to quickly modify how your app appears. 

Colors may be changed. Custom pages can be added, WordPress content can be pulled, and more.

AppPresser functionality is effortless to set up and administer.

How To Convert WordPress To Mobile App For WordPress Website
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The Features of AppPresser include the following:

However, suppose you want to maximize the potential of AppPresser. In that case, you must hunt for host services from a speedy hosting solution for your WordPress website. 

The mobile application builder recommends WPEngine for managed hosting. Since AppPresser applications don’t run independently, your clients must have a working online connection to access them. 

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Additional extensions are available in the AppPresser application builder organization group to enhance your application’s functionality and presentation. These consist of the following:


For compatibility with pop-up notifications (accessible with the standard group)


To work with BuddyPress.


For developing photo-sharing software


To work along with Geolocation AppSwiper.

an appropriate touch-enabled slider tool for your application landing page


To reconcile with WooCommerce.

How To Convert WordPress To Mobile App From A WordPress Website
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Pros and Cons of AppPresser

The Best Way to Convert WordPress To Mobile App is AppPresser. It seems to represent more than simply the first steps in turning a website into a native Android/iOS mobile application. 

It significantly increased WordPress’s potential as an application platform. Reviewing AppPresser – Best Way to Convert WordPress To Mobile App Pros & Cons can help you understand the software’s pros and cons and gain a deeper understanding.


  • Users may use their mobile device’s capabilities like contacts, cameras, geolocation, and push notifications. Even log in using their Facebook account.
  • The user may construct offline pages and even enable media downloads for offline content.
  • Users may submit and distribute their program through the iOS and Android app stores, a genuinely enormous platform.
  • Budget is always a concern when developing an app. However, AppPresser successfully lowers market expenses by providing the WordPress community with a solid framework for native app development.


  • The user may need to learn to write and add the necessary functionality.

Pricing for AppPresser

The monthly starting price for AppPresser is $59.

A 14-day free trial of AppPresser is available. During this time, a user can access the app builder and create, preview, and browse an app before testing it.

Once the 14-day period has passed without being canceled, the user will start receiving charges. 

The caveat in this situation is that you must be on a paid plan to upload or submit the app to the app stores.

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How To Convert WordPress To Mobile App from A WordPress Website With An AppPresser?

  • Before purchasing AppPresser, you should evaluate the price options and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Put the AppPresser Plugin in place.
  • Configure add-on extensions and settings.
  • Create the screen.
  • Utilize the live preview feature to test the app.
  • You’re done once you upload it to the PhoneGap build service.

AppPresser essentially uses a collection of WordPress plugins and a theme that mimics the integration of bespoke plugins.

That makes it truly distinctive and one of a kind in the marketplace today. The website remains unaffected once a user downloads the AppPresser plugin and theme. Still, it may now be accessed inside a mobile app’s screen!

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The plugin connects AppPresser’s Phonegap-based app features and extensions to the WordPress website.

For a high-performing mobile app experience, the user might also have to move to a quicker hosting option, as advised by AppPresser.

AppPresser provides more extensions for the app that are not included in the standard package for an improved and better app presentation. 

Since it is a website packaged as a mobile app, all changes made to the website are immediately reflected in the mobile app.

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Are a mobile app Built-in WordPress possible?

Thanks to plugins, you may build a mobile app more quickly and without any coding knowledge. You may customize the app’s look and feel, notify users via push notifications, and monitor your app’s stats.

What are the additional fees involved with using AppPresser?

No, AppPresser does not have any additional or hidden costs. You must possess your own IOS and Android developer accounts, though.

Does AppPresser have a mobile app include?

There is a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad by AppPresser.

How To Make An Android App From A WordPress Website - Review
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Last Words:

You can think that a mobile app is essential to increase traffic and better user experience in your business. Convert WordPress To Mobile App with WordPress can easily without coding knowledge. 

AppPresser – The Best Way to Convert WordPress To Mobile App is a beautiful attempt to let users quickly and seamlessly develop mobile apps that interface with WordPress.

Additionally, the growing popularity of mobile applications makes it easier for those who want to have both an app and a website to manage them jointly. 

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