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Canva Pro Review: Best Amazing Design Tool

Are you using the Canva free plan but tired of not getting access to the amazing premium graphics and photos?

Then you must be thinking of moving to the premium plan. But is Canva Pro worth it?

Well, you are about to find out. Because in this in-depth Canva Pro Review, I am going to write about every little aspect of Canva pro from my personal experience. Moreover, I will also cover, why do I need Canva Pro, Canva’s pros and cons, Their pricing for students, and many more. So, stick with me till the end.

What Is Canva Pro Exactly?

Canva Pro is the subscription-based version of the popular graphic design platform Canva which offers its users thousands of premium presets along with additional features and tools.

Canva calls itself

“An online design and marketing tool with a goal to enable everyone in the globe to design anything and publish anywhere.”

If you have used canvas then you already have an idea of how great canvas is as a design and marketing tool. But what Canva pro offers will blow your mind completely. Here is a glimpse of Canva pro offerings

  • Unlimited storage
  • Access to thousands of premium templates
  • Customizable branding
  • Animations and video editing,
  • AI-based resizing and image background removal
  • Thousands of custom fonts.
  • Collaborative design features

These offerings make Canva Pro a popular choice for businesses, marketers, and designers who need high-quality designs quickly and efficiently.

Canva Pro Review - Best Amazing Design Tool
(Image Credit: Canva)

What is the difference between free Canva and Canva Pro?

The difference between Canva and Canva pro is significant. Let’s have a look at the below comparison table to find out the difference

Comparison FactorCanva FreeCanva Pro
Free ResourcesCanva free only provides 13,000 free designs Canva Pro offers 2.5 million free images, videos, graphics, and other designs
AudioOffers only 75 free audio tracks. With Canva Pro, you will also access 25,000 audio tracks
Storage Canva Free offers 5GB of storage for your designs.Canva Pro offers unlimited storage
FeaturesCanva Free offers a basic set of design tools and templates.Canva Pro offers more advanced features, such as the ability to create animations and videos, access to premium templates, and advanced AI Based design tools.
BrandingDo not offer any brand kit. Canva Pro offers a brand kit feature, allowing users to create a custom brand identity with numerous color schemes and save it for future use in their designs.
CollaborationCanva Free allows you to share your designs with others.Canva Pro offers more advanced collaboration features, such as the ability to work on a design with multiple people at once and leave comments and feedback directly on the design.
SupportNo SupportCanva Pro offers priority support to its users

These are just the basic difference. There are a lot more features available in Canva pro. Now let’s have a look at some of the staggering features that I liked on Canva Pro

8 Fantastic Features of Canva Pro Review What I like

Best Amazing Design Tool 2
(Image Credit: Canva)

Brand Kit

The brand kit is one fantastic feature of Canva Pro. I make sure to include my new client’s brand aspects in my Canva Pro once I begin working with them. As a result, I can easily use their colors and logos to complete the designs when I create pins for them.

Combining layers

One method for elevating your brand and improving your graphics is to be able to alter the layering. This feature is only available in Canva Pro and it works as well as Adobe Illustrator.

Removing Canva Pro components

Another aspect that may give your designs a more polished appearance is cutting. Consider finding an image you adore but you just want to utilize a portion of it. With Canva pro, you can crop the object right on the page just by double-clicking it.

AI Background Remover

One of Canva Pro’s finest creations to date is the background remover. I’m not exaggerating when I say that removing the background from a photograph in Adobe may take hours. 

But in Canva Pro, it only takes a few seconds to complete the background removal process with just a click.

Canva allows you to hyperlink text, photos, and graphics, but there is one thing you need to be aware of. 

You cannot hyperlink only one word while you are hyperlinking text. The whole text body is hyperlinked. To that end, one text body cannot have two hyperlinks. 

You’ll require a new text box in Canva for each link.

Template Sharing

Additionally, if you need a used template from a friend then, he/she can email you the template link. It dramatically simplifies the process of creating new templates with older designs in Canva.


Simply click Resize in the top left corner of your Canva design. You may copy and resize the design from this point to any size you want. So, Creating socially shareable photographs for every site you employ has become a lot easier.

Custom fonts

The possibility to experiment with typefaces is another more recent Canva feature. Now, you can give your fonts several effects, like a curve, shadow, or font outline. 

You may use this to add a more polished design aspect to your company without ever touching Adobe!

It’s time to find out the pros and cons.

Canva Pro Pros and Cons

Below here is my honest opinion on what I liked about using Canva Pro and What I disliked.

What I liked

  • Simple to Use
  • The best collection of templates
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Image Library Subscription
  • Reduces the time
  • Good teamwork characteristics
  • Many integrations with third-party services
  • Multiple Tutorials

What I Disliked

  • Limited Search Capabilities
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited Collection of Text Templates
  • Not available offline
  • Costly Team Plan
  • A low learning curve

Now you can decide for yourself whether you should get it or not. If you decide to get it then look at the pricing below.

Canva Pro Pricing

The cost of Canva Pro depends on how many users you wish to add. For individuals, it’s $54.99/month and for teams, it’s $84.90/month.

However, joining by the below link will give you a special discount. So, hurry up.

How much is Canva Pro for students?

Well, it’s free for teachers and verified students in some regions. However, usually, student packs start at $12.99. If you are a student then get free by clicking the link below

Who shouldn’t use Canva Pro?

In case any of the following apply to you then you shouldn’t use Canva Pro:

  • You already pay for other services like Photoshop, Freepik, etc.
  • If you are a professional designer who needs various formats.
  • In case you want to learn professional graphic design.

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How to access a Free Trial of Canva Pro?

The best aspect of Canva Pro is that they allow you to evaluate the features of Canva Pro on the free trial.

Then, you can decide on the upgrade.

Click here>> Try Canva Pro For Free Today to sign up for a 30-day trial!

Can companies use Canva Pro?

Yes, Canva can be used by corporations and organizations to design brand templates and benefit from improved collaboration tools effectively.

Is Canva Pro Safe?

Yes, Canva pro is definitely safe. Because the Canva security team works tirelessly to ensure your data privacy. As a result, there is a low chance of your payment data being hacked.


Canva Free is a good option for basic design needs. However, Canva Pro offers more advanced features and tools for users who need to create more complex designs or collaborate with others on design projects. This too at a cheaper rate. So, it’s definitely recommended.

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