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SentryPC Review: Best PC Monitoring & Control Software

Tired of your employees dodging work?

Then SentryPC can be the all-in-one solution for you. It does not only help you to monitor personal computers remotely but also helps you protect your company’s information from getting leaked or your kids getting exposed to explicit content online. But what is it and what is SentryPC offering?

Well, hold on there. Because in this SentryPC Review, I am going to dive deep and talk about every little detail of SentryPC’s features, its pros and cons, pricing, and my own experience using it. Moreover, I will also provide a SentryPC coupon for you. So, stay with me.

What is SentryPC?

SentryPC is a computer monitoring and control software designed to allow parents, employers, and administrators to monitor and control computer usage. It offers features all the real-time monitoring features.

What is SentryPC
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Moreover, with SentryPC, users can even monitor keystrokes, website visits, and application usage, and block websites and applications to ensure safety and productivity in the workspace. Businesses, law enforcement offices, schools, and parents are its users.

Big corporations use it to ensure employee productivity. On the other hand, law enforcement offices use it so that no sensitive information gets leaked. While educational and parents use it to monitor their children and ensure they use computers responsibly.

How does SentryPC Work?

The working mechanism of SentryPC is quite fascinating. Here is how it works

  • First, a user must install the SentryPC software on the computers they want to monitor and control. This user will get administration access. The installation process is straightforward and usually takes only a few minutes.
  • Then the user needs to configure the software according to his/her need. After the configuration of specific aspects of computer usage, the admin can start to monitor the personal computers without even other users noticing.

It’s as simple as that. However, if it is used responsibly then it can provide a significant impact. Now let’s look at it’s features.

SentryPC Features

SentryPC is a comprehensive computer monitoring and control software that offers several features to ensure safe and productive computer usage. Here are some of the key features of SentryPC:

  1. Real-time monitoring: SentryPC provides real-time monitoring of user activities, including keystrokes, website visits, and application usage. This feature enables users to identify any potential issues immediately.
  2. Activity logging: SentryPC logs all activities on the computer, including screenshots, web history, and file usage. This feature enables users to review and analyze user behavior and identify patterns of behavior that may be problematic.
  3. Content filtering: SentryPC can block access to specific websites and applications based on pre-defined categories, such as adult content, social media, or gaming. This feature enables users to ensure that computer usage is safe and productive.
  4. Remote management: SentryPC can be remotely managed, allowing users to monitor and control multiple computers from a single dashboard. This feature is particularly useful for parents, employers, and administrators who need to monitor and control computer usage across multiple devices.
  5. Keylogging: SentryPC offers keylogging functionality, which captures all keystrokes entered on the computer. This feature enables users to monitor chat conversations, emails, and other typed messages.
  6. Alerting: SentryPC can send alerts when specific activities occur on the computer, such as attempts to access blocked websites or applications. This feature enables users to respond quickly to potential issues.
  7. Application monitoring: SentryPC can monitor specific applications installed on the computer and provide reports on usage. This feature enables users to identify which applications are being used the most and determine whether they are productive or not.
  8. Idle timeout: SentryPC allows you to establish an “idle timeout” period for your account. After which, it will automatically log you out if your account is inactive for the specified number of minutes. This feature is provided for security reasons.

Now that we have found its features so it’s time to start my own review.

SentryPC Review

As a software engineer I have used a ton of software, I even made aa few ones. So, this review is entirely based on my experience with this software and my test results.

SentryPC Features that I Liked Most

Best Computer Monitoring and Control Software: SentryPC Review in 2023
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Here are a few features that I liked:

Filtering of websites

It let you prevent users from visiting particular websites using SentryPC. Additionally, you may exclude whole website categories, including those for social, gambling, file-sharing, gambling, and gaming.

Remote Management

Given that SentryPC is a cloud-based application, you can access your account and keep an eye on PCs from any location. Moreover, the software is made to work covertly after installation. In many aspects, it is invisible to the end user and uses minimal computer processing resources.

Taking screenshots

You may remotely snap screenshots of any end user’s PC using SentryPC. The program also features options for viewing screenshots and an integrated slideshow. So, it can guard against data loss and theft.

Recording sessions

Every user’s computer session and the overall session length, active time, and idle time may be recorded. In addition, keystrokes, searches, file activity, and location may all be recorded (IP) and the clipboard (copy/paste content).

Transaction Reports

Every user SentryPC keeps an eye on has activity reports created for them so you can quickly see what they are doing online.


The Windows and macOS operating systems are compatible with SentryPC. Furthermore, only computers that you own and are authorized to supervise can have them installed. The app’s UI is simple and clearly outlines its capabilities.

Advantages and disadvantages SentryPC

SentryPC is among the finest in its class since it provides comprehensive monitoring tools. However, it has its drawbacks too. So, let’s look at what I liked and disliked

What I Liked

  • Simple to use
  • Complete activity reports
  • Non-bypassable Content filtering.
  • Excellent Remote management
  • No extra fees
  • Unlimited Cloud storage
  • Undetectable

What I DisLiked

  • Limited device support.
  • No Linux support.
  • No mobile app.
  • It can be quite expensive for small businesses.

Now let’s look at its pricing.

SentryPC Pricing

Free trialNever
Basic plan$59.95/year
Business 50$995.00/year
Business 100$1595/year
Business 250$2,995.00/year
Business 500$3,995.00/year
Business 1000$9,995.00 / year
(Table Credit: SentryPC)

SentryPC Coupon

Below here is our special coupon. It will let you use this premium software for free. So grab the offer before it expires.

Why SentryPC Is the Best Monitoring Software for Businesses?

Here is why SentryPC can be the best choice for you

  • SentryPC is a very affordable employee monitoring technology as the individual licenses cost is only $60 per person per year and economies of scale savings are also available.
  • The service’s accessibility comes partly from the fact that no physical software is required because it is fully cloud-based.
  • Additionally, this centralized control system unifies all monitored devices into a single interface available from anywhere globally and constantly updated.
  • SentryPC still offers many capabilities, including a clever geofencing tool, even if smaller firms probably need limited power. 

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  • It immediately notifies management whenever a device is moved beyond a defined region, such as when an employee brings their laptop home after work. 
  • Every member has access to all of these capabilities; there are no tiers of subscriptions with differing characteristics, as there are with competing companies like Veriato.


But is SentryPC safe, and can I trust it?

Worldwide, parents rely on SentryPC as their preferred parental control program.

SentryPC is ideal for anyone concerned about their children’s online presence, computer habits, and content because of its activity tracking, filtering, and time management features.

So how does SentryPC properly work?

SentryPC is the most cost-effective employee monitoring system, offering six cloud-based options, low prices per user, and add-on possibilities for screenshots. It monitors employees’ websites and applications, filters the content, and finds portable drives.

My Verdict

Overall, SentryPC provides a range of features that enable users to monitor and control computer usage effectively. These features are particularly useful for parents, employers, and administrators who need to ensure that computer usage is safe, productive, and appropriate.

The app has one of the most extensive features among all the PC monitoring programs I’ve ever tested. So, I would suggest you to get it without worrying.

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